Are boxer briefs for me?

Are boxer briefs for me?

Women's boxer briefs for every-body!

Our full range of boxer brief underwear are designed for your body, your comfort, and to be worn your way. Hi I'm Jody the founder of Midies, hater of wedgies and lover of comfort. Let me give you a little insight into our everyday women's boxer brief.

Our current styles are all high-waisted, full-coverage underwear with a non-slip relaxed fitting waistband. A waist designed for endless comfort without any pinching, digging, pulling down or muffin tops.

Boxer briefs with their added coverage are a great underwear style for women across all lifestyles purely because of their comfort and versatility. We offer a range of lengths from full thigh coverage to lengths that you can confidently pair with shorter skirts and shorts without them showing.

Whether it's fitness, workwear or to express your own personal style, there’s a boxer brief style fit for you. Pair your favourite boxer brief under irritating workwear, jeans, a skirt or dress and kick the stress of pinching seams, chafe and wedgies to the curb.

To complement the thoughtful design of a boxer brief is our sustainably sourced, soft and ultra breathable fabrics. With the addition of a small amount of elastane you have your perfect underwear companion that moves with (as opposed to against) your body.

The boxer brief also goes hand-in-hand with cosiness and comfort. The cosy yet curve-accentuating fit couldn’t be more suited to an oversized t-shirt on your essential self care days.

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