Our fabrics


What makes bamboo perfect for underwear? Because underwear is up against sensitive skin all day, hygiene and comfort are most important! When it comes to comfort bamboo is both soft and smooth. Bamboo is naturally super absorbent and incredibly breathable which helps to keep things dry and well ventilated. This is important as bacteria like yeast thrive in moist, damp environments.

Bamboo has both sweat wicking and antimicrobial properties, to help keep you dry and odour free - perfect for your active life.

It's generous stretch and drape gives bamboo the perfect next to skin fit and feel that moves with your body. Because Bamboo is thermo-regulating it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Bamboo fabrics will maintain their special qualities when washed correctly. click to read about the best way to wash your Midies.


Tanboocel is a branded bamboo fibre manufactured by an environmentally friendly patented process using natural organic bamboo. Tanboocel bamboo fibre conforms with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

TENCEL Micro Modal

Our TENCEL women's boxer brief is Cameo! Made from sustainably sourced beechwood tree's TENCEL branded fibres are ultra light, yet durable and incredibly soft and breathable. Our lightweight 190gsm fabric is super stretchy and layers seamlessly under fitted and light coloured clothing, eliminating panty lines the comfy way. Like bamboo, modal is naturally moisture wicking and is known for it's softness and comfort

As part of our sustainable focus and quality assurance we use TENCEL Micro Modal® branded fibres, derived from European beech wood trees. The TENCEL trademarked Modal is from a sustainable forestry source and made using a closed loop system, and is verified as achieving the highest sustainable rating. By using TENCEL branded fibres we have greater control over quality and you can be assured that the fabric hugging you butt is better for the environment! 


Why we choose LYCRA® . LYCRA®  fibre is renowned for its quality and durability, and has become the most recognized brand of spandex fibre in the world today. LYCRA® offers exceptional elasticity, lasting shape, and a comfortable fit that moves with your body.