Short style women's underwear for sport

Short style women's underwear for sport

When it comes to finding short style underwear that can confidently and comfortably be worn on it's own, it can be difficult. We've outlined a few factors to consider when searching for comfortable women's underwear for sports.

The first thing to consider is coverage. You want to stick with an underwear with enough coverage to avoid ending up with a really big wedgie. Our Cheekie boxers are designed with a 2.5” leg inseam that provides a confident amount of coverage without the wedgie.

The second factor is fabric. It is important for both comfort and hygiene to stick with fabrics that breathe (to provide enough ventilation) and wick sweat (to keep your skin dry). Bamboo is becoming a popular fabric for active wear because of it's special ability to be both ultra absorbent and wick sweat. Bamboo is also naturally antimicrobial which gives the fabric odour control and stops it from becoming smelly like some synthetic fabrics can.

The third factor is design and seam placement. Watch out for seams placed on sensitive areas of your body, they can rub in all the wrong places and can cause chafe (ouch!). Preferable look for under garment with no middle seam (camel toe seam) or seams that sit directly on your inner thigh area. It's also worth looking out for undergarments made with flat seams, this type of seam is very common in most activewear products and won't cause chafing.

Lastly, it is always recommended you look for undergarments with a lined crotch. Preferably bamboo or cotton as they breathe and both help with absorbency and hygiene.

If you've made it this far, thank you. Here is a quick 20 minute full body workout created by Lydia who is muscle gain, general fitness, pregnancy fitness, postpartum recovery coach. Lydia is wearing our bamboo Midies.

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